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on the air during a "Blues & the Beat" broadcast

Since 2004, harmonica virtuoso Dennis Gruenling has hosted the Thursday afternoon blues show (part of the “Across The Tracks” blues programming from 1:00-3:45 pm) on WFDU-FM, Teaneck, NJ. The show – now with the name “Blues & the Beat” – enables Dennis to feature rarities & classics alike from his personal collection, which includes genres such as Chicago Blues, Jump Blues, Vocal Group R&B, Early Rock-n-Roll, Soul, and more!

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An avid record collector since his teens, Dennis got into blues & related American roots music when he got his first harmonica. Since that moment he not only started learning the harmonica, but his record collection grew by leaps & bounds every week, thanks to record shows & vinyl stores up and down the East Coast.

Each of the first two hours of “Blues & the Beat” are devoted to a specific theme, with the remaining 45 minutes featuring new blues/roots releases. A few past themes have been “Sun Records Label“, “Little & Big Walter“, “1952 Saxophone“, and “Rain“. These “themed” hour programs make up the archives in the MEMBERS section of this site, and the archives change monthly.



Arthur Neilsen performing LIVE on “Blues & the Beat”


In addition to the themes featured every week, sometimes there are featured guests in the studio with him. Some of the past guests who have performed LIVE and/or played “guest DJ” with Dennis on the air include Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite, Arthur Neilsen, John Nemeth, Little Charlie Baty, Rick Estrin, Enzo & The BakersGina Sicilia, Chris BergsonJason Ricci, Bobby Messano, and Peter Karp.

Musical Styles & Historical Information:

I have put together some fun & informative “genre pages” for “Blues & the Beatwebsite members which are full of cool information such as a synopsis of each musical style, some top artists to know about, recommended CDs, photo gallery, and embedded videos of these blues & roots genres featured sometimes on “Blues & the Beat“…check’em out below!

Chicago Blues

Guitar Greats

Harp Masters

Sax Blasters

Jump Blues

Delta Blues

Soul/R&B (just added!!)

Vocal Groups (coming soon…)

Early Rock & Roll (coming soon…)



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