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Become a Member of the “Blues & the Beat” website and you will have 24/7 access to all the loaded archives. More than 60 archived shows* will be loaded at any given time, and included in the mix you get all sorts of genres like Chicago Blues, Texas Jump, and Rhythm & Blues…as well as some Vocal Group stylings, Soul, New Orleans R&B, and early Rock-n-Roll. I have been studying Blues & American Roots music (as well as performing it) for 20 years, and all the music showcased in these programs is from my personal collection. You will NOT hear all the music you hear on “Blues & the Beat” anywhere else on the dial, streaming online, OR via cable/satellite radio.

Preparing for a “Blues & the Beat” show

Each month some of the archives will rotate and new ones will be added, so there will always be something new here to listen to. If you log in & listen to 2 shows a day  – every day each month – you STILL won’t be able to hear everything on the site!

NOT ONLY are the archives excellent listening material, but your membership & support will help keep this freeform roots radio program alive! Also, if you are a musician, they are a great way to expand your knowledge of the material & stylistic spectrum of the blues/roots genre. If you are a blues fan, this is an excellent way to listen to more of what you love (including a mix of songs you won’t hear ANYWHERE else), get turned onto some artists you likely never heard or even knew about, while also learning some history & context of this great American Music.

…in the WFDU office

In addition to all the archives you will be able to access 24/7, the historical information on the website, and CD recommendations, as a “Blues & the Beat” website member you will also be eligible for CD, T-shirt & other giveaways I’ll run every month.

(*archived shows average around 57 minutes, but vary in length from approx. 45-75 minutes)

“Blues & the Beat” Website FAQ’s

• Why do you charge a subscription price?

Programs on WFDU are public-funded and volunteer. I do this program because I LOVE this music, and I want to share it & keep it alive. For less than HALF the price of downloading one mp3 album, you will:

  • …gain monthly or annual access to over 60 archived programs of music which change monthly and you won’t hear anywhere else (I can guarantee that because these recordings are all from my personal collection!!)
  • …hear artists & music you have never heard before, while learning about the music and it’s history as well. And at this price, a whole year’s subscription is less than the price of one private music lesson, and a whole lot more informative!
  • …automatically be eligible for monthly CD & t-shirt give-aways!

• What do I get when I become a member?

As mentioned above, when you become a Member on this “Blues & the Beat” website, you immediately gain access to the loaded streaming archives (for the month or year, depending on your level of membership). You also gain full access to the historical pages I am creating (which include historical information, CD recommendations, photo galleries, video galleries and more) on all styles of blues & related American roots music styles, as well as be eligible for our monthly giveaway for CDs, t-shirts and other cool goodies.

• What do I need to enjoy the website & it’s content?

Most people with computers that aren’t too old (more than 6-7 years old, say) will be able to enjoy ALL of the content on this site with no problem – a good simple test is to see if the “Sample Streaming Archives” on the bottom of the Home page work. But if you want to make sure you can enjoy this website with the streaming archives and galleries included, you can check to make sure your computer is always kept up-to-date with software updates for Flash media players (Adobe Requirements here) and for streaming videos, which are as follows:

  1. Macromedia Flash Player 7.0+ plug-in
  2. Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed
  3. Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  4. Firefox 1.1+, Internet Explorer 5.0+, or Safari 1.0+
  5. Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps ( a faster connection will enable to load archives & videos faster, a slower connection will mean you will have to to wait a little longer for content to load before playing)

• Does it automatically re-new?

Memberships on “Blues & the Beat” do not automatically re-new. We want to make sure you get what you ask for, but we will not charge you for more than you are willing to purchase without your approval. You can re-new yourself, either for the monthly or yearly membership levels (the yearly membership is discounted as well).

• What about my personal or payment info – is it safe?

All transactions for “Blues & the Beat” (as well as for are held on a safe & secure server, and we will never share any of your information with anyone else. We believe in and adhere to privacy for our customers & subscribers.


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