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Otis Redding

“R&B” (or more specific – “Rhythm & Blues”) became a blanket term used for many styles of blues and African-American pop music of the 1940’s, 1950’s and into the 1960’s. However, in the 1960’s when different styles of Blues began to mix with Gospel influences and musical traditions, “Soul” began. While “R&B” would be a more generalized term (and in later years be replaced by totally different “Contemporary R&B”), traditional “Soul” is characterized by the rhythms, earthiness and expressiveness of Blues, and the soul-stirring vocal intensity of Gospel. The term “secular testifying” has also been used to describe traditional Soul. Mixed in with other styles of traditional Blues you will hear some great early Soul / R&B artists on “Blues & the Beat” and on this page we will look at a few of the important Soul pioneers.

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